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Bipolar Disorder and Lying

May 4, 2011 by crimmins3 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

It is very easy for one to become aggravated with an individual that has bipolar disorder due to the amount of lies that may be told. When talking about bipolar disorder and the art of lying, they link almost perfectly. Both of these terms are most commonly associated with manic-depressive disorder; lying, however, can be explained in multiple instances.

One of the most obvious reasons as to why people with bipolar disorder lie can be explained through the concept of fear. These individuals fear that they will be punished, most likely for some wrong doing or mistake they may have made. It is quite natural for one to lie when their role is caught. Most people with manic-depressive disorder are known for making certain mistakes, such as recklessness, promiscuity, and extravagance.

A second reason as to why people with bipolar disorder lie can be explained by two words: attention grabbers. Individuals with bipolar disorder tend to want control of any situation, whether it is with family or friends, which results in this form of lying. By lying, the bipolar individual believes he/she has control of the situation and all of the attention they could possibly have. This is due to the fact that they control what people know and what people don’t know.

Usually during manic episodes, an individual, in most cases, loses his/her control over their conscious. When this occurs, the resulting response present itself with the utterance of whatever words are on the individual’s mind. This presents us with a third reason as to why people with bipolar disorder lie: loss of self-control. Whatever is on one’s mind instantly pops out into reality; this could be a lie or the truth. However, nobody is quite sure which is which.

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  • jimihaze

    Bipolar disorder is a very difficult disorder. My Aunt has it and she lives a normal life, but at times it is hard for my uncle to really understand whether or not she means something that she says because she is in one of her episodes.

  • blydon11

    I didn’t realize that they lie. I wonder what is the real reason. That is why I don’t really like psychology, it’s all up in the air and just theories, no one knows the real answer to why we do the things we do.

  • lem0393

    i completely agree with this theory that people who are bipolar lie. they dont know themselves at all because they are constantly changing their emotions, and during this switch it is completely possible for them not to remember if they said or did something that could hurt someone else, etc.

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